Old Epiphanies and New Affirmations

There have been people in my life that I thought would always be here. Some have gone. Some are here, but in a different role. Some have proven to be more important in teaching me about myself than I ever thought they would. Some walked off the stage in pivotal scenes.

It’s all okay.

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To the ten year old in Thriftway in 1989

I can remember my tenth birthday… walking through the Thriftway grocery store as Mom and Dad did the food shopping and thinking about how cool it was that I was a whole decade old. I’ve lived almost three more of that girl’s lifetimes since then. I wonder whether I’ve been through too much, or not […]

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Stopping Apologies

This image is a #ThrowbackThursday from last year. There was a campaign for International Women’s Day, #DearMe, located at youtubedearme.com. The site seems to no longer be live, but I appreciated the sentiment behind it. I apologize entirely too much for everything. Someone can walk into me and I’ll say sorry. I analyze every word […]

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