Skincare: A Story of Laziness

I have been blessed with good genes. I’m closer to forty than I am to thirty, and I have no crow’s feet around my eyes and no more than a handful of gray hairs.

But I am lazy when it comes to my appearance. I love the concept of skincare and makeup. As a teenager, I’d hang out in Garden Botanika or Sephora and test out the lipglosses and mascaras. There are lotions and concealer pots living out their lives in my dresser drawer. I even own a tube of red lipstick, though it hasn’t seen the light of day in a long time.

I don’t pay attention to makeup expiration dates. I don’t wear makeup enough to do so. I have never thrown out a tube of mascara after 3 months – in that time, it would probably have been used 3 times. It’s not that I don’t like makeup; I do. But since I don’t wear it every day, when I do, I usually get comments. I don’t want comments. It’s the same reason I haven’t worn a dress in public in something like a decade.

But I’m getting older and I feel like I should have a skincare regimen. I am horrible about wearing sunscreen, which is stupid for a number of reasons, not least of which is the photosensitivity I experience due to medication. I also experience breakouts and frankly, I’m about twenty years over that whole thing.

I was home sick last week and you know what that means: sweatpants and daytime television. The View was having their weekly steals and deals segment, and they had a facial cleansing brush on sale for under sixty bucks, including face brush, body brush, and pedi-brush. I had a gift card lying around, so I ordered one.

But then I went on a little bit of a spree. Throughout the course of the week, I bought a travel skincare set from Pacifica that I liked so much, I bought fall size cleaners at the end of the week on sale at Ulta. I bought tea tree oil and retinol cream. I bought ELF’s complete skincare regimen set.

I’m still waiting for lots of these products to ship. I’m also using a lot of different stuff on my face – a face which until a week ago was lucky to get washed twice daily (I tend to fall asleep early, so I was lacking in the nighttime area). So, I’m getting a little oily, and you know what that means: finishing powder.

(If you have to go to Sephora on a Saturday afternoon, might I suggest you skip the flagship store and head to Sephora at JCP? You will be bumped into by feverish women looking for their favorite concealer 99% less.)

I also ordered a mineral SPF brush, because did you know, even if you work inside all day, your sunscreen only lasts two hours? So how in the hell am I supposed to reapply my liquid sunscreen over the BB cream and makeup?

This skincare stuff is expensive (though I am totally grateful to Ebates and RetailMeNot for the discount codes and rebates) and time-consuming. Now I remember why I didn’t do it.

If you’re not using Ebates and you’re shopping online, let’s fix that. Use my referral link, join for free, and get $10. 

Sephora photo: Justin Tung

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  1. I just bought some face cleanser and moisturizer. I think it’s our age. We see the changes time is making. Let us know how the retinol works. I’m interested in using that. I started blogging again. Haven’t gotten very far. Good to see you are still writing.

    1. What do you mean? Time can’t change me; that’s what Bowie said! I kid, of course. You’re definitely on to something.

      Glad you started blogging again as well, though I’m sorry for the circumstances that seem to have spurned it. So glad you are okay.

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