Sense, Sensibility & Discovery

In light of the passing of Alan Rickman yesterday, I am republishing this essay, originally written seven years ago. May his films bring this same joy to viewers everywhere for years to come.

I was at Target yesterday with Mom, browsing the titles on $5 DVDs. There wasn’t much of interest, but I noticed one title in the corner of the display.

“Oh, look,” I said. “Sense and Sensibility.”

A woman who had just passed us on her way out of the section stopped at the sound of my voice and turned around. “Did you say Sense and Sensibility? I love that movie!”

I pointed to the last copy on the shelf. She grabbed it and told us how much she adored the film, how she’d been looking for it everywhere, and how she’d told her daughter to keep an eye out for it. Mom mentioned that she’d never seen it, and the woman told her it’s a perfect escape movie with an ending that brings tears to the eyes. She then raved about the performances of everyone in the movie. Having seen it on cable a few months ago, I couldn’t argue with her raves. We’re talking Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet, and Hugh Grant. It’s good stuff! I agreed with her when she said she thought every role was perfectly cast. I actually really got a kick out of her enthusiasm.

I seriously made the woman’s day – possibly her weekend – by pointing out that last copy. After a few minutes of chat about the movie, she raised the DVD in one hand, shaking it in victory, before shouting, “Thank yoooooou!” Mom and I were smiling as we wished the lady a good weekend and walked in the opposite direction.

I’m so glad to have brought some happiness into that woman’s life, just by pointing out a movie I happened to like. Thanks be to Emma Thompson, for an adaption I think is worth noting.

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