Human In Progress

Back in February, I mentioned that I had deleted my Google alerts for “vegan” and “veganism.” I needed the space to not get angry and cynical, which has always been my modus operandi. Yes, I have been an angry, exasperated vegan, and I didn’t want to hear it when those who have been vegan longer and who have perhaps spread their message in a wiser way said that being right isn’t the same as being effective.

Griping and complaining about things is exhausting. I did a lot of that – it’s a habit I’ve picked up along the way. And I can’t keep doing it. Just as I’m trying to be more mindful with my potty mouth, I need to make a change when it comes to how I spend my time and my thoughts about and around others. When I find myself in that space, I immediately feel how it changes my energy. I don’t want that negativity to surround me. I want to break the cycle.

I will never have it all figured out. After all, if there was nothing left to learn, what would be the point of being?

It seems to me that human beings (or humans, being) repeat the same mistakes. Sometimes, they learn from them. Sometimes, they don’t. Sometimes, the majority rules, and decisions are made for some “greater good” that benefits the chosen few.

We’ve been on this planet for a short time. It seems like the greater the strides we make, the more hangs in the balance. We are quickly hurting our chances of getting to hang out on this rock for very long. There are some of us who passionately advocate for a more compassionate world. But are we enough to stop the train before it goes off the rails? Are we too far gone to hit the brakes?

I don’t know if I am enough to help hit the brakes on whatever humanity is rushing towards, but I can try to stop my train. I can try to adjust my course. I’m a human in progress, and I hope that the changes I’m making spark growth. I hope that what I put out into the world makes a difference.

I’m contributing to Chic Vegan now, and my first piece, Sparking Joy: When Philosophies Collide, posted last week. Please do check the website out – there’s a lot of information and different perspectives from various writers.

I’m six and a half years into a vegan lifestyle, and thirty-seven and a half years into being human. The journey continues.

“Progress” Photo: David Ingram

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