Hanging In

I’ve been blogging in some form for the past fifteen years. With that long of a history, I realize that I’ve been following some other bloggers for a very long time. I don’t frequent a feed reader anymore, so sometimes months will go by and I’ll think, “Gee, what is [that blogger] up to these days?”

I’ve read along as writers got married (and sometimes divorced), as babies were born and grew into teenagers, as puppies were adopted and aged into older and wiser senior dogs. And I have to admit, it hurts my heart when I read about one of those pups reaching the end of their too-brief journey on this planet. I’ve been a blogger for the span of many companion animal lives. That’s crazy.

I spent most of the beginning of 2016 publishing material five out of seven days every week. This allowed me to try to get back into a writing groove and to reach out to an audience of readers. I see you out there, you Twitter followers and WordPress feeders. I know that some of you have known me since I was a Debbie Gibson fan page maintainer. I know that others only know of me from my vegan writing. I thank you for checking in to see what I am up to these days.

What am I up to these days? I’ve been reading a lot of books (I’m on track to have finished ten before the calendar turns to February.) I’ve been listening to music (Spotify really wants me to pay them for a premium account). I’ve been watching new movies every weekend and I’m digging into The X-Files, starting at season one.

I’m spending a lot of time with words and pages, songs and screen, and savoring the downtime. Winter means snow and cold and comfort food, and it also means that some things die off. I ended 2015 thinking about how I felt like I was going into a cocoon and I’m savoring that in some ways.

Spring will be here in a couple of months, and maybe I’ll read a little less and walk a little more; eat less mashed potatoes and more green smoothies. I don’t think I’ll be publishing new essays here five days a week moving forward, but I’ll be here when I have something to say.

Whether you’ve been hanging in for fifteen years or fifteen minutes, thank you for hanging in.

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