Glenn Frey

This year isn’t even three weeks old yet and I think many of us are over it. People die every day, I get it. But I can’t remember the last time so many high-profile people, known to so many, died in such a short time span.

Glenn Frey was a founding member of The Eagles, and I am glad to count them among the bands I’ve seen live (twice). Their harmonies were just as they are on the records – close to perfection. I love that The Eagles are a band that spans generations; I love that I have memories of singing along with co-workers at a concert arena and singing along with friends during road trips.

When I read the news last night on my Twitter feed, I shook my head. I checked to see what others were saying, and then I queued up Selected Works 1972-1999 on iTunes.

I realize that none of us is getting out of here alive, but it stings when people who my parents grew up listening to, who I grew up listening to, go too soon. I can’t help but think about how much it’s going to sting when it’s… well, I don’t want to name anyone. But it’s going to hurt like a bitch.

And then there are my contemporaries, the alternative bands I listened to in the nineties, the pop and indie musicians of this new millennium. We’re all going to get old. Some of us will get sick. And we’ll lose our favorites.

I am so grateful for the arts – for music, for movies, for books and paintings, for all of the things that are created and consumed, for the potential to live on after we’re gone.

Crank the music up today, and sing the harmonies. Rest in peace, Glenn.

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