Enjoy the Silence

When did I become a slave to so much unimportant noise?

I’ve been on the internet for something like twenty years. I say this because I started college in 1996, as a commuter student who spent the time between classes in the computer lab. It was a much simpler time – you built really ugly sites on Geocities, complete with animated gifs and auto-play midi music, and you hung out in chat rooms with people who shared your interests in South Park, or Debbie Gibson, or whatever other stuff you were interested in.

Within five years or so, my Geocities website had fallen aside and blogging took over. Blogging in 2001, too, was much simpler – you wrote about your day-to-day, for your friends, for yourself, for whoever might stumble upon your daily diary.

One’s web presence these days cannot be simple. Ok, I suppose it can, but mine is not. I have all of these social media accounts that I use with varying levels of enthusiasm. (Check out my about.me page – all those accounts are linked there.) I don’t like feeling obligated to check in everywhere… but I do.

I also don’t like feeling obligated to check my phone all the time… but I do. Oh, another alert, my screen is lighting up? I know I’m busy doing something, anything, else, but I can handle the interruption.

I’m tired of the interruptions. There is no reason why I, a thirty-seven year old woman who is neither running a company nor leader of a country, have to be tethered to the internet all day, every day. It’s not that important that it all can’t wait. And so it shall.

I’m going to make my Sundays silent. Or silentish. Phone off (or at least not on my person). Twitter feed closed down. Facebook on freeze. Since I’m attempting to take a photo a day this year, I’ll quickly do the Instagram hashtag thing. I’d like my routine Sunday to involve a movie, a book, and some music. And that should be enough.

So, happy Sunday. Enjoy some silence today, even if only for a moment.

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