The Dork

I may be a dork, but it’s a title I embrace. I wasn’t the popular kid in school. I was reading before kindergarten, and they eventually just skipped me into first grade. I was in the Gifted and Talented program. I moved so much that the concept of growing up with a group of peers is foreign to me. I sprayed my 1980’s bangs with water in a Vidal Sassoon travel hairspray bottle, I wore Jordache sneakers, and I didn’t learn how to ride a two-wheel bike till I was ten.

Hogwarts Express

Here are some other facts that may further prove my dorkdom:

  1. My first crush was Alfalfa from The Little Rascals
  2. My first idols were Miss Piggy and Wonder Woman. Ok, maybe this is not dork evidence. I think that both those gals are tops.
  3. I used to record myself on audio tape, “hosting” my own talk shows. I hummed theme songs, played around with bad British accents, and did other things that were terribly embarrassing to me when my dad discovered said tapes. I still wince when I remember screaming at him for listening. In my defense, I was probably no older than ten or eleven.
  4. I was crushed when Ruben Studdard beat Clay Aiken in season two of American Idol. And seeing as I am around the same age as both those guys, I’d say I was entirely too old to care that much.
  5. I was a diehard Debbie Gibson fan for most of my childhood and much of my early adulthood. This is why I call her Deborah, which is what she goes by when she’s not making records and touring.
  6. When I saw Return of the King in the theaters for the first time, I cried as the credits rolled. It might have been partly due to Annie Lennox’s impeccable rendition of “Into the West,” but it was most certainly due to the fact that the end had come, and there was no more to follow. (Let’s forget that The Hobbit followed, many years later, because it was not the same.).
  7. When I visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the ripe young age of thirty-one, I cheered as Harry saved us from the dementors at Hogwarts.
  8. Days before Harry Potter, I cried at Disney World when the princes and princesses poured out of the castle.

Music and movies and television have defined many moments in my life. And if those are the moments that have made me the dork I am today, well, I’m grateful for it.