David Bowie

I woke up this morning and grabbed my iPhone, taking it out of Airplane mode and wondering who won the last three Golden Globes, as I had given up and gone to bed before they were handed out.

Loading up Twitter and seeing David Bowie’s name trending, I clicked. Whenever I see a name trending, I think the worst, but not today. Maybe I wasn’t fully awake. Maybe I just never thought the man was mortal. I was shocked and saddened to read that he has died. Cancer. Shit.

I had the opportunity to see Bowie in concert live twice during his Reality tour. I’m glad for that, as it was his last tour.

It seems that Bowie had gotten down to the process of dying on his own terms. There are reports that he told friends a year ago he was terminal. This didn’t stop him from recording his final album, Blackstar, released on Friday, his sixty-ninth birthday. There’s a lot of living to do in the short time we are allotted here; I wish that I did more of it, having the opportunity to do so.

There will be many tributes to the man today – and much better written than this one. Seek them out. And if you have a moment, play a song or two of his and know that you are sharing in an experience that millions across the world are today.

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