Old Epiphanies and New Affirmations

There have been people in my life that I thought would always be here. Some have gone. Some are here, but in a different role. Some have proven to be more important in teaching me about myself than I ever thought they would. Some walked off the stage in pivotal scenes.

It’s all okay.

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Balance and the Bulge

We started another weight loss challenge at work last week. When I search through my (unpublished) blog archives over the years, I see just how many times this event has happened before – in organized groups, in unofficial capacity, in the way the scale has yo-yo’d over the past several years. And here I am […]

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Mid-Winter Observations

I had a dentist appointment last night. I knew it was coming, but I had been having a hard time reconciling the fact that it had been six months since my last cleaning. Where did that time go? Things are very different now than they were in August when I sat down in my hygienist’s […]

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