Balance and the Bulge

We started another weight loss challenge at work last week.

When I search through my (unpublished) blog archives over the years, I see just how many times this event has happened before – in organized groups, in unofficial capacity, in the way the scale has yo-yo’d over the past several years. And here I am again.

I can’t help feeling that there’s something unhealthy about how we go about this desire to be healthy. Competition is a motivator, of course. But why is it not enough to make lasting change? I’ve been losing and gaining the same twenty to twenty-five pounds for awhile now. I obviously know how to do it. So why can’t I maintain?

I borrowed someone’s 21-Day Fix containers with the intent of following that meal plan to start this challenge off. I scoffed at the size of the yellow container, which is supposed to be a portion of grains, of pasta, of quinoa. It’s so much smaller than I (or anyone I showed in defiance) eat in a normal meal. But last week, I cooked a batch of quinoa for the week and I portioned it out in that stupid yellow box. And I will admit, paired with a red container’s worth of lentils it was completely manageable.

I’ve decided, however, not to do the 21-Day Fix. While I think there’s a lot of benefit to it, and was stoked to see that there is a Vegan Eating Plan, I’m simply not willing to limit myself to one fruit (which could be as little as half a banana) per day. So I’ll use the boxes to portion out, keep tracking calories/nutrients in My Fitness Pal, and see where that leads me.

According to the scale this morning, this plan, along with more 10,000 step days, has worked for week one.

I know that weight is not a good indicator of health, at least on its own. There’s so much more involved. My blood work has been consistently good for the past several years (thanks, in part, to the fact that I don’t eat animals or the things that come out of them). But I carry my weight in my belly – and visceral fat is the worst kind. I have stressors that I live with, but could do a better job of coping with. I have a deep, abiding disinterest in exercise.

I think that part of the problem with challenges and time limits is that goals are then given a due date. I need to look at the big picture – the one that started me down the road to veganism – the fact that I want to be healthy when I’m old (and, oh yeah, I want to make it to “old”).

I’m searching for balance. And to find it, I need to make sustainable choices that work for me.

So, happy Monday, readers. Here’s to all of us finding balance in whatever area we struggle most with. Don’t kick your own butt if it won’t serve you well in the end.

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