A Bird

Last month I wrote about a bird and a sticky trap. So sad to report another episode. Last month, a bird got stuck and survived. This time, a bird got stuck and died.

Today, I watched a bird fall on her back onto a sticky trap and scream. Two people in the office went downstairs to try to free her, hoping they’d be successful and she’d fly away. I followed with a bottle of dish detergent, cursing myself for not bringing in a bottle of oil after the last time. They got her free, but could not save her. She did not hop away when she was placed under a bush, and she could not be taken to a vet or wildlife rehabilitator in time. She will be buried in my co-workers backyard tonight.

The bird got into the office building’s ceiling, flew around for awhile, and found a way out. The way out killed her.

I wish I had done more. I wish I had checked that corner and noticed someone had put a new trap there. I wish I had moved more quickly when I saw the bird’s head emerge from the ceiling panel; perhaps sparing her the fall. I wish that bird hadn’t suffered. I wish that bird had lived.

Sticky traps aren’t humane. Not for birds, not for rodents, and not for bugs. Please don’t use them, and if you live or work somewhere that does, please speak up against them.

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